South America Pantanal Festival Launched at Governor’s Office

The 13th edition of the Pantanal South America Festival (Fasp) was launched this Monday morning (24) in the auditorium of the Governorship. The Festival will take place from 11 to 14 November 2016 in Corumbá, on the border with Bolivia, and will have more than 15 hours a day of attractions of the most varied cultural events.

Involving approximately 500 people among artists, artisans, producers, agents and cultural technicians from several states in Brazil and six other countries – Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Argentina – Fasp counts more than 60 attractions between musical shows, shows dance, theater, circus, visual arts, crafts, audiovisual, indigenous knowledge, lectures, round tables, book launches, workshops, promotion of creative economy, cultural training and education, art education, popular culture, science and technology , innovation, sports and tourism.

In the ceremony of launching were presented the poet, actor and educator Emmanuel Marinho and the musician Carlos Colman, accompanied by the guitarist Ana Paula. Soon after, the Secretary of Culture, Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Renato Roscoe, presented the program for the press and the public present. “It’s an immense pleasure to announce the Pantanal South America Festival. I want to greet Governor Reinaldo Azambuja and thank him for his commitment to keep the Festival and to increase it with each edition. I also greet the director-president of the Cultural Foundation, Andréa Freire, who is the great organizer of everything we are going to see here. There will be four days of programming with fifteen hours a day of activities with more than 500 people involved. “

It was passed the video with the story of Aline Figueiredo, honored this year’s Fasp. Born in Corumbá in 1946, art critic and art historian Aline Figueiredo, at the age of 20, set out to find potential plastic artists in the southern municipalities of Mato Grosso Uno and assembled them at the 1st Mato Grosso Artists Painting Exhibition, in the Radio Clube de Campo Grande in 1966. The following year he organized, with the emerging artists, the Mato-Grossense Association of Arts, which played a fundamental role in the dissemination of regional production.

The audience was also able to check out a video exposing the main attractions of the Festival. “Carlinhos Brown is going to give his show and stay to give the workshop the next day. There will be workshops with local artists and also of national renown that have social projects as a way of using culture and art in the insertion of young people in society. The Mariene de Castro is another attraction that has the face of Corumbá. One of the objectives is to encourage people, local people to participate, to stimulate the local economy. From 11 to 14 November we will be celebrating the culture of the State, the Pantanal and South American culture. Visit the website to follow the schedule. Thank you for the presence of everyone, especially the people of Corumbá. I’ll be waiting for you in Corumbá for this great party, “Roscoe said.

State Representative Mara Caseiro spoke on behalf of the 24 members of the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso do Sul. “I want to congratulate the Secretariat of Culture team who organized this wonderful event. I thank the governor who, despite the problems, has kept and improved the events. Let’s get out of here today with a bigger smile on your face. Culture is being valued. May God bless the Pantanal South America Festival. I speak on behalf of the 24 state deputies who are partners and support the culture in the State and the Festival. A big hug”.

Governor Reinaldo Azambuja spoke about the importance of keeping the festivals. “When we look at the country in 2014, 2015, we have seen many festivals cease to exist. We managed to keep them in Mato Grosso do Sul with a new outfit, with cultural diversification. Already local cultural custom, with the participation of artists and the local population. The participation of everyone is very beautiful. Today we are doing the Fasp with the support of some partners, with the joining of people who have built a new clothing. It is now being expanded with regional and national attractions. “

The governor said he was happy to present the attractions and invited everyone to attend the event. “I was very impressed last year by the joy of the people, the Corumbaense and the Ladarense is a welcoming people. It is worth keeping the festivals. The crisis is temporary, Brazil is superior to that. Keeping Fasp with the participation of all artists and diversification, with the participation of indigenous people, is very important. I have no doubt that this year’s edition will be a great success. “

The program of the 13th edition of the Pantanal South America Festival can be accessed at: