Tonolec presents fusion of ancestral indigenous songs with electronic music in Fasp

A successful musical duo, Tonolec, one of the attractions of the 13th South American Pantanal Festival, is considered the new trend of Argentine folk for developing a fusion of electronic music with indigenous songs of the native peoples of South America.

Formed in 2005 by the singer, actress and journalist Charo Bogarín and by the musician Diego Pérez, his music highlights the spirit of the ethnic groups Toba and Guarani and the musical identity of Argentina, turning their eyes to the deepest cultural roots of their origins.

Charo and Diego spent three years of their careers exchanging experiences with communities of the Toba ethnic group in northern Argentina, where they learned the traditional songs with the elders of the Chaco and with choirs of children from the Mbyá-Guarani communities of the province of Misiones. The name Tonolec is of a typical bird of the Chaco that, with its corner, hypnotizes its prey.

Their performances are like musical ceremonies that, with rustic instruments like charango and percussions, the powerful and intimate female voice of Charo, with beautiful body movements, sum up samplers and electronic beats, synthesize dialogues with the nature, throwing the public to a immersion into cultural origins, uniting the ancestor with the contemporary in a fair and harmonious way.

Tonolec will perform at the 13th Pantanal South America Festival on November 11 (Friday), at 9 pm, at the Integration Stage, at Generoso Ponce Square, at Av. Gen. Rondon, 168-322, downtown Corumbá.